Graffiti Remover Shadow Hypo

Alkaline shadow remover for bleaching of severe graffiti shadows

Graffiti Remover Shadow Hypo
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Fields of application

GR Hypo is used to bleach and remove severe graffiti shadows
from absorbent stone surfaces, shadows on floors in busses and trains, shadows on laminate and fibreglass walls.
NB! The product should not be used on aluminium, galvanised sur-faces, zinc or copper.


– Effective – Opens up the material and bleaches the remaining shadow.

Application instructions

Cover surfaces that are not to be cleaned.
Apply the product with a brush.
Allow the product to work for 30 minutes – 12 hours depending on the material and the nature of the shadow.
Then wash/rinse the surface thoroughly with lukewarm water. NB! Check that the material can tolerate the product.


The product is used in concentrated form. Consumption approx. 0.1 – 0.3 litre/m2.


362020 – 20L

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