Soft Wash Hypo

Alkaline shadow remover for bleaching difficult graffiti shadows and for softwash to clean facades

Soft Wash Hypo
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Fields of application

Is used to bleach and remove difficult graffiti shadows from absorbent stone surfaces, floor shadows inside buses and trains, wall shadows on laminate and fiberglass.
Used in softwash to clean facades, which is an effective method that reduces the risk of damage to surfaces compared to traditional high-pressure washing.
ATTENTION! The product must not be used on aluminium, galvanized surfaces, zinc or copper.


– Effective – Opens up the material and bleaches the remaining shadow.

Application instructions

Shadow removal
Cover surfaces that are not to be cleaned.
Apply the product with a brush.
Let the product work for 30 minutes – 12 hours depending on the material and the nature of the shade.
Then rinse/rinse the surface thoroughly with lukewarm water.
ATTENTION! Check that the material can withstand the product.

Avoid applying to windows or other sensitive surfaces.
If the solution comes into contact with such surfaces, rinse immediately with clean water.
Always test on an inconspicuous surface first.
Use a low-pressure washer or a regular garden hose to rinse away the solution.
Rinse thoroughly to ensure all solution and dirt is removed from the surface.
If stubborn dirt or stains remain, you can repeat the process or use a brush to thoroughly clean the area.


Shadow removal: The product is used concentrated. Consumption approx. 0.1 – 0.3 litres/m2.

Softwash: Mixes with cold water in different proportions (5 – 30%), depending on the degree of dirt on the facade and duration of action.


362020 – 20L
362200 – 1000L

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