Train Wash Phosphor

Acidic agent for removing brake dust

Train Wash Phosphor
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Fields of application

Cleaning agent with low pH for train carriages, locomotives, trams and metro trains. Train Wash Phosphor is a water-based cleaning agent which effectively loosens brake dust and dirt (iron oxide). Can also be used on transport containers.
This product is based on phosphoric acid.


– Train Wash Phosphor is an acidic, water-based cleaning agent which effectively loosens brake dust.
– Train Wash Phosphor is concentrated and economical to use.

Application instructions

Apply after washing all types of vehicle. Self-polishing giving a Train Wash Phosphor has been specially designed for automatic train washing machines. The product dosage varies according to the type of machine and length of programme, from 5% to 30% depending on needs and type of wash. Dosage is customised around the cleaning techniques of the various machines. For manual washing, dosage is from 10% > according to object type, time needed to act >5 min. Work into the surface with a brush and rinse off with water.
Do not allow product to dry on the surface.


Dosage 8 – 100% depending on circumstances.


470200 – 200L

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