Eco Wash Neutral

Mild alkaline degreaser

Eco Wash Neutral

Fields of application

Eco Wash Neutral is a mild universal general cleaner, designed for exterior and interior washing of car, bus, caravan, truck, train and canopy. Is also perfect for general inside cleaning of Train, Metro, Tram, and T-bane (on all water-resistant surfaces).


– Concentrated, effective and economical.
– Environmentally approved/labelled.

Application instructions

Eco Wash Neutral is concentrated and should be diluted with water depending on the degree of soiling and temperature.
Do not allow the product to dry on the surface. Always test first on a small test area,
Use with a mop for best results on floors.


Dilute with water depending on degree of soiling.
Car Wash (1:10 – 1:50);
Truck Wash (1:10 – 1:25);
Train Wash (1:10 – 1:25);
Special machinery (1:6 – 1:10);


423005 – 5L

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