Super Wash Gold

HD Cleaner

Super Wash Gold

Fields of application

Super Wash Gold is used to clean trains, metro, trucks, forklifts, hoods, containers, tractors, agricultural equipment, diggers and road-building equipment. Especially well-suited for Heavy Duty Cleaning in On and Offshore sectors and as Rig Cleaner as well as all external washing of equipment etc. Perfect for dirty workshop floors in the auto industry.


– Dissolves oil, grease, soot, mud, road dust and static bonded grime. Can be used in cold, warm, salt and hard water.
– Fast-working and effective Also on wet surfaces. Easy to rinse off, leaves a smooth surface.
– Highly concentrated and economical to use. Adapted for high-pres-sure but can also be used for manual washes.
– Releases and removes contaminants.

Application instructions

Super Wash Gold is highly concentrated and should be diluted with water according to the degree of soiling and the temperature.


Normal dosage 1:10 with water. NB! Do not allow the product to dry out.


251025 – 25L
251200 – 200L

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