Glue Remover

Glue Remover

Glue Remover

Fields of application

Used to remove glue residue from decals, glue in production, floor glue etc. The product can be used on all hard, fadeless surfaces. Also removes heel marks and other streaks caused by rubber.


• Non-flammable and very economical to use.
• pH-neutral and almost odorless.

Application instructions

Apply the product with a cloth, paper or syringe to the adhesive residue to be removed. Let the product work for 1-15 minutes depending on the thickness and hardness of the glue. If necessary, process the adhesive residues with a white scotchbrite sponge and wipe off with a microfiber cloth or paper. As the product leaves a greasy surface, it is recommended that you neutralize the surface with a glass plaster or water-moistened cloth after glue removal.
NOTE: Always try the product on a small test surface first. Some sensitive materials may be damaged.


Ready to use


3871047 – 0,5L

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