Degreaser Quick

Fast separating tar remover

Degreaser Quick

Fields of application

Petroleum based tar remover without emulsifier, for degreasing vehicles, both on dry and wet surfaces. Dissolves oil, tar and asphalt, while being gentle to the surface. Extremely fast separating. Aromatfree tar remover. Works great as degreasing agent/ prewash in automatic washing machines as well as manual washing systems.


• Gentle
• Low scent
• Separates extremely fast in oil separators.

Application instructions

Works both on wet and dry surfaces. Apply the product with low pressure from the bottom of the vehicle and upwards. It is usually the lower part of the car that needs degreasing. Let the product work, but do not let it dry on the surface. (If it starts to dry, spray more product before rinsing.) Rinse with high pressure. Rinse one section at a time. Do not apply to hot or sunlit surfaces and use caution on repainted and sensitive plastic and rubber surfaces.


Use concentrated


201026 – 25L
201201 – 200L
201601 – 600L
201701 – 1000L

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