Degreaser WS

Extra powerful tar remover

Degreaser WS
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Fields of application

Degreaser Wet is a very efficient petroleum-based tar remover for all types of vehicles.
It works equally well on both wet and dry surfaces. It dissolves oil, tar, asphalt, road salt and other dirt quickly and gently.


– Fast-working and highly effective.
– Strong scent

Application instructions

Car Wash
• Degreaser WS is used on dry surfaces.
• Always use Degreaser WS from the bottom up. The need for degreasing is
usually most pronounced on the lower part of the car.
• Let the product work for a while, but do not let it dry. (If it starts to dry,
spray more before rinsing.)
• Always rinse from the bottom up.
• Rinse one panel at a time.
• Always wash the car with your hand after degreasing the car.

Engine Wash
• Make sure the engine is cool
• Cover exposed electrical components, e.g. generator with plastic film or
plastic bag
• Spray the entire engine with Degreaser WS and leave to work
• Apply a brush if necessary.
• Then rinse the entire engine with water. If you use a high-pressure clea-
ner, keep a good distance from the nozzle (minimum 40 cm.)


Ready to use


202805 – 5L
202825 – 25L
202850 – 200L

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