Degreaser Plus

Tar Remover, Low aromatic

Degreaser Plus

Fields of application

Enhanced low-aromatic tar remover.
Effectively dissolves oil, tar, asphalt
and salt, even on wet surfaces.
Gentle to surfaces.


• Powerful on asphalt, tar and winter dirt
• Effective even on wet surfaces
• Low odor

Application instructions

Apply the product to the surface with low pressure equipment. Starting from the bottom of the vehicle and work up on sections to be degreased. Apply the product and wait some time, but do not let it dry on the surface. (If it starts to dry, just add more product before rinsing. Rinse with high pressure equipment, one section at a time. Do not apply to hot or sunlit surfaces.


Use concentrated. The product should not be dilute


213002 – 1L
213005 – 5L
213025 – 25L
213200 – 200L
213700 – 1000L

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