Alkalisk Wash Blue

Alkaline degreasing and cleaning agent

Alkalisk Wash Blue

Fields of application

Used to clean most surfaces such as all types of facades, vehicles, boats, RVs, trucks, machinery, floors, walls and ceilings.
The product dissolves general dirt, grime, algae, oil, grease, exhaust fumes, insects etc.


– Highly effective and economical
– All-purpose cleaning agent for all waterproof surfaces
– Ideal for shipping/offshore usage as the product can be diluted with salt water
– Does not corrode aluminium

Application instructions

Apply the product with a brush, sponge, rag or low-pressure spray gun. Allow the product to work for 2 – 30 minutes depending on the surface being cleaned, the degree of soiling and the outside temperature. Do not allow the product to dry. If necessary, use a brush or sponge to treat the surface. Then wipe off or rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water.


The product should be dosed at 1 – 20% concentration in water.


204005 – 5L
204025 – 25L
204200 – 200L
204700 – 1000L

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