Textile Protection

Textile Protection

Textile Protection
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Fabric Protector is a breathable, Ready-To-Use coating that forms a long lasting, durable, hygienic barrier on textiles and fabrics. The treated surface becomes dirt and stain resistant and allows for easy removal of soils and staining such as coffee and red wine while extending the life of the surface without affecting fabric texture. The treated surface needs only to be cleaned with a cloth and warm water.


• Contains no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).
• Easy to apply
• Will not change the color or finish of a textile surface

Application instructions

Textile Protection can be applied to most absorbent surfaces. Spray from a distance of 20–30 cm and allow drying. Curing Time: Stabilizes in minutes after application. Drying may be accelerated with the use of a fan, dryer or by ironing the treated surface. Curing is complete after 12–15 hours at room temp (+20 C°)
500ml covers approx. 10-20m².


Ready to use.


297005 – 5L
3871051 – 0,5L

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