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Goaway is a fast polish remover that effectively and safely dissolves
tough deposits with many layers of polish, all types. For
effective removal of polish for floor renovation. No rinsing needed.
Highly concentrated, low dosage. Low pH. No discolouration of
floors. Can be used on linoleum floors.


– Avoid contact with painted surfaces.
– pH approx. 10.4 in concentrated form.
– pH approx. 9.9 in 10% usable solution.

Application instructions

Spread the solution across small areas so that it does not dry.
Fast-working and quick-drying. Allow the solution to work for up to
5 minutes. Machine scour carefully with coarse disc. Use a scrubbing
block for areas the machine cannot reach. Remove the released
polish with a wet vacuum cleaner.
For light polish removal and regularly clean floors, no rinsing is required
–just light damp mopping with clean water is recommended
before applying new polish.


1 litre to 19 litres water. For especially tough cases and several
layers of polish: 1 litre to 9 litres water. For removal of polyurethane
1 litre to 4 litres water. This solution needs to be stirred before
each application to maintain 100% effectiveness. Or dosage as
– Thickness of polish.


GP-160821 – 1L

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