Process Clean AL

For parts washer with warm water

Process Clean AL
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Fields of application

Specially developed agent for use in warm water parts washers and similar at temperatures from 40-80 °C. The product is water-based and with added corrosion inhibitor, low foaming. Easily dissolves oils, fat, soot, dirt etc. Leaves a clean surface. Can also be used in manual cleaning. To be used in accordance with machine manufacturer’s instructions, pH in machine washing water should be under 10, check with pH strip. Also suitable for tyre washing machines.


– Concentrated, highly effective and economical.
– Alkaline cleaning agent.
– Low foaming.
– Does not damage aluminium.

Application instructions

Highly concentrated and must be diluted with water. Handheld index to measure concentration is 4,4


1 : 20 (5% ). Adjust pH balance in parts washer. Temperature 40 – 80°C.
Does not foam over 60°C


2083025 – 25L
2083200 – 200L
2083700 – 1000L

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