Wheel Wash Plus

Alkaline Rim Cleaner

Wheel Wash Plus

Fields of application

Wheel Wash Plus is an alkaline cleaner for rims. Cleans the rims and
gives a glossy and shiny surface. Removes oil, ingrown dirt, brake dust,
etc. The product is thickened, which means that it remains and
works better on the surface


• Concentrated
• Fast-working formula
• Powerful high alkaline cleaner
• Dissolves dust from brakes, road dirt and oi

Application instructions

Apply with a low pressure sprayer, let it work for a while.
Rinse with a high-pressure syringe. Do not let the product dry
on the surface. Use equipment which is adapted to alkaline
Do not use on sensible surfaces, such as Magnesium-, Chrome or unvarnished alumina rims. Do not use on hot surfaces. The product is not allowed to freeze


Diluted with water 1+1 – 1+3 (25-50%). Adjust the concentration to the surface to be washed


389005 – 5L
389025 – 25L
389200 – 200L
389700 – 1000L

The product image should be seen as an illustration. Some deviation from reality may occur.