Hall Cleaner

Special product for cleaning carwashes

Hall Cleaner

Fields of application

Hall Cleaner can be used on all enamelled/lacquered steel, aluminium, tiles, glass, concrete, acrylic, epoxy and other painted surfaces. Ideal for cleaning robotic equipment in automated car washes. Dis-solves oxides, light rust and calcium/limescale deposits.


– Highly concentrated and economical to use.
– Free of phosphates and solvents.

Application instructions

Apply the product using a low-pressure sprayer or similar.
Allow to work for 5 minutes, work the surface mechanically – then rinse with water, warm water increases the effect considerably. Recommended pressure 150 bar and temperature 40-60 degrees Celsius.


Dilute with water in a ratio of 1:1 to 1:3 according to need and de- gree of soiling. Never pour water directly into the product, but first water then product.


263025 – 25L

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