Eco Degreaser

Eco-labelled tar remover

Eco Degreaser

Fields of application

Aroma-free tar remover with low VOC and low odor. Dissolves oil, tar, asphalt, road salt etc.


• Gentle
• Low odor
• Aromatic free
• Ecolabelled

Application instructions

For best results, use the product on dry surfaces.
• Apply the product with low pressure spray from the bottom and upwards.
• Let the product work, but do not let it dry on the surface. (If it starts to dry, spray more before rinsing.)
• Rinse with high pressure spray. Rinse one section at a time.
• Do not apply to hot surfaces.


Ready to use.


466025 – 25L
466200 – 200L
466700 – 1000L

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