Tar remover


Fields of application

Degreaser is a petroelum-based tar remover. It quickly dissolves oil, tar, asphalt, road salt and other dirt.


– Gentle.
– Low odor.
– Meets the environmental requirements of the Chemical Sweep.

Application instructions

Car wash
• Degreaser must be used on a dry surface.
• Always apply Degreaser from the bottom up. It is usually the lower part of the car that needs degreasing.
• Allow the product to work, but do not let it dry. (If it starts to dry, spray on more before rinsing.
• Always rinse from the bottom up. Rinse off one section at a time.
• Always wash the car by hand after degreasing.

Engine wash
• Make sure the engine is cold.
• Cover sensitive electrical components such as generator, with plastic foil or plastic bag.
• Spray the entire engine with Degreaser and let the product work.
• Scrub with a brush where needed.
• Then rinse the entire engine with water. If you use a high-pressure washer, keep a proper distance (at least 40 cm).


Should not be diluted.


201025 – 25L
201200 – 200L
201700 – 1000L

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