Eco Ultra Shine

Shampoo for gentle car wash and effective brush shampoo

Eco Ultra Shine

Fields of application

Used as regular shampoo, giving a water repellent effect for up to 4 weeks. Premium Shampoo. The product also works great as a brush cleaner in automated brush washing facilities.


Medium foam
Keeps the brushes clean
Gives a glossy surface

Application instructions

Apply to vehicle using a sponge. Allow to work for 3-5 minutes, avoid drying out on paintwork and windows. Rinse clean with water. Avoid washing in direct/strong sunlight.


Hand Shampoo: Dilute with water to a 2-5% solution.
Brush Cleaner: 0.5% solution or adjust as needed. 4-8cl/car.
Heavy vehicles: 1cl / m vehicles.


506005 – 5L
506025 – 25L
506200 – 200L

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