Combi Wash Citrus

Low-foaming alkaline cleaning product

Combi Wash Citrus

Fields of application

A specially developed product that can be used with all types of floor and scrubbing machines, floor washing machines.
Low-foaming – gentle on suction motors. Leaves a fresh citrus fragrance.


– Concentrated, highly effective and economical.
– All-round general cleaning product for all washable surfaces.
– Low-foaming with a fresh citrus fragrance.
– Does not damage aluminium.

Application instructions

Manual cleaning: Apply the product using a low-pressure sprayer or similar. Allow to work for 2-30 minutes depending on the item to be cleaned, severity of soiling and outdoor temperature. Do not allow the product to dry out. If necessary, work the surface with a brush or sponge. Wipe or rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water.


Dosage for floor washing machine: From 3% solution and up or follow machine manufacturer’s instructions.


230006 – 5L
230026 – 25L
230201 – 200L

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