Maintenance of polished surfaces


Fields of application

Cleanon is a low-foaming floor product for polished floors. For
regular cleaning and maintenance of polished floors. An effective
product with great cleaning power, specially developed for cleaning
and maintenance of polished floors and stone flooring. Cleanon can
be used with high speed polishing – excellent polishing qualities.


– pH approx. 7.8 in usable solution (1%).
– pH approx. 10 in concentrated form.

Application instructions

Use with all wet-cleaning methods e.g. damp mopping and in floor
washing machines.

The product must not be stored cold.


25 to 100 ml per 10 litres water, depending on cleaning frequency
and degree of soiling.
Quick Fix: 1 % per litre water – scrub with machine and red pad.
High speed: 20 % per litre water – With high speed machine.


GP-161723 – 5L

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