Floor & Wall Coating Medium Gloss

Long-lasting protection for floors and walls, Medium Gloss

Floor & Wall Coating Medium Gloss

Fields of application

High-tech coating for linoleum, plastic and rubber floors. The product has excellent chemical resistance properties with high scratch and wear resistance, but also with permanent elasticity. Repeated treatment is possible at any time without stripping. With new technology, ink and graffiti can be easily removed repeatedly, without affecting the surface properties. The product is available with different gloss: high, medium and low gloss.


• Restores finishes on worn floors and makes the surface very easy to clean.
• The substrate acquires anti-graffiti properties.
• Provides a protective coating with medium gloss.
• Easy to apply to the substrate.
• Only one layer is needed.
• The product provides long-term protection.
• Easy to repair in case of damage.

Application instructions

It is important that the surface is completely clean and free of grease and contaminants. Thoroughly clean the floor and remove stains and old polish. Rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water and allow the surface to dry completely before applying Floor Coating. Linoleum floors may require a long drying time. Check if necessary. with moisture meter that the floor is completely dry. Floor Coating is applied with a microfiber applicator. Apply a thin layer of about 5 μm (micrometers).

NOTE! It is very important to make sure that the material to be coated is not wet or damp. The object temperature must be at least + 10 ° C when the product is applied.

Care: We recommend that you clean a treated floor with a pH-neutral detergent. It prolongs the life of the coating. Normal life is 12-24 months, depending on load and wear. Coverage: 80-100 m2 / L.

Drying times: Dust dry: approx. 20 minutes (+20 C)
Surface dry: approx. 4 hours (+20 C)
Final cured approx. 7 days (+20 C)


Used concentrated. NOTE! The product must not be exposed to frost.


3871082 – 0,5L

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