Graffiti Remover Wipes

Graffiti remover in the form of practical paper wipes

Graffiti Remover Wipes

Fields of application

GR Wipes are used to remove graffiti from hard, colourfast surfaces such as laminate, glass, metal, tiles etc.


– Effective against marker graffiti, silver/gold pens and ink pens
– Also removes lighter “shadows” left by marker graffiti
– Gentle on underlying surfaces and materials
– Subtle scent
– Fast-acting and does not run

Application instructions

Pull a paper wipe out of the container and wipe away graffiti.Then wipe the surface with a damp cloth or glass cleaner.
For more severe graffiti, allow the product to work for 1-5 minutes and apply the paper wipe to the surface. Then wipe off/wash the surface carefully with a damp cloth or glass cleaner so that the product does not affect the underlying material.
NB! Check that the material can tolerate the product. Not for use on plexiglass! Close the package properly in order to prevent the product from drying out.


The product is used in concentrated form. Consumption approx. 1 paper wipe/m2.


384056 – STK

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