Glass Coating

Glass Coating is a treatment for front windows on trains and buses etc.

Glass Coating
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Blue & Green Glass Coating is a treatment for front windows on trains and buses etc.
The product has excellent chemical resistance properties and is easy to apply. High weather resistance along with E2C (easy to clean) properties reduces cleaning costs and washer fluid.


• Protective coating, easy to apply
• Water repellent properties
• Insects, oil, grime and brake dust does not stick as easily
• The consumption of washer fluid will be reduced
• Improves visibility
• Sustainability 6–12 months, resistant to chemicals and washing.

Application instructions

The surface should be clean and free of grease and residue. In order to achieve a faultless adhesion a cleaning is required with an alkaline detergent together with a powdery hand sponge e.g.
Scotch Brite white. Rinse thoroughly with water.
If the application is made directly after washing it is usually enough to wipe the screen with a clean cloth / cloth with glass cleaner to remove any grease residues.
The best way to apply Glass Coating is with a lint-free cloth.
It is important to ensure that the material to be coated is not humid and the object temperature at least 5 °C, as the product is very sensitive to moisture during application.


Use concentrated. 10–15 ml / m2


275025 – 25L
3871054 – 0,5L

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