Eco Wash Premium

Eco-labelled alkaline super-concentrate

Eco Wash Premium

Fields of application

Used to clean trains, metro, trucks, forklifts, hoods, containers, tractors, agricultural equipment, diggers and road-building equipment etc. It is also ideal for cleaning after fire damage as it removes soot excellently.


– Super concentrated, highly effective and economical.
– Alkaline cleaning agent with great grease dissolving properties.
– Ideal for shipping & offshore sectors as this product can be mixed with saltwater.

Application instructions

Adapted for high-pressure, brush and automated washing plants but can also be used for manual washes. Releases and removes contaminants. The product is a super concentrated cleaning agent and should be diluted with water according to the degree of soiling and the temperature.


Car 1:10 – 1:50
Truck 1:5 – 1:25
Construction equipment 1:5 – 1:20
Or adjust dosage according to need. Use warm water for optimal effectiveness. Take care with all painted, varnished and aluminium surfaces

NB! Do not allow product to dry out. Self-service washing facility, adjust dosage as needed.


426005 – 5L
426025 – 25L
426200 – 200L
426700 – 1000L

The product image should be seen as an illustration. Some deviation from reality may occur.