Rust Remover Acid

Rust remover

Rust Remover Acid
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Fields of application

Quickly and easily removes rust from many surfaces / objects. The product can be used on all exteriors that can withstand highly acidic products. When working with acrylic, epoxy, painted surfaces, first perform a test.
Mix the product as needed. The product is also ideal for cleaning concrete vehicles / or equipment with concrete deposit
Can also be used as a deep cleaner on stone surfaces as well as for rust removal from facades/surfaces.
The product is an incredibly powerful rust remover that effectively dissolves rust in toilets, bathtubs, on tile floors, epoxy floors, acrylic floors, terrazzo, facades etc. i.e. on all surfaces that can withstand highly acidic cleaning products.
Can also remove limescale deposits.


• Concentrated, highly effective and economical.
• Effectively dissolves rust, limescale etc.

Application instructions

Cannot be used on textiles. If you are unsure if a surface can tolerate Rust Remover Acid, you should perform a test on a small non-visible area. The product is strongly acidic and should not be released undiluted into the water/sewage system or nature. Rust Remover Acid reacts to alkalis.
Always rinse afterwards with plenty of water.


Should be diluted with water from 1 to 30% according to need.


208005 – 5L
208700 – 1000L

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