Folie Remover

Special product for removal of foil, pH neutral

Folie Remover
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Fields of application

Folie Remover is used to remove old / new foil etc. Folie Remover is viscous and does not run off vertical surfaces. Folie Remover is pH-neutral and virtually odorless.


• Highly viscous and does not run off vertical surfaces.
• pH-neutral,
• Almost odorless.
• The product is not flammable.

Application instructions

NOTE! The product must not be exposed to frost. When used on plastic and lacquered surfaces, always perform a test in a less visible place. This is to check that the product does not damage paint or plastic. Masking tape can be used to protect surfaces around the substance. Then apply the product to the foil with a brush / roller. Let the product work from 8 – 20 min. Then peel off the foil film. You can also use a high-pressure sprayer with hot water. Any adhesive residue is removed with the product Mr Perfect or Glue Remover. Rinse with copious amounts of water.
NOTE! When removing foil on all types of surfaces where the temperature is 29 degrees C or more, move the material to a place that is not sunlit, before starting work.


Use concentrated. Do not dilute.


221005 – 5L

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