Brush Cleaner

Low-alkaline universal brush shampoo

Brush Cleaner
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Fields of application

Brush Cleaner is low-alkaline universal brush shampoo for use in automatic car washes and self-service car washes. It keeps the cleaning brushes clean, soft and in good condition, while the formula helps the brushes to achieve a better clean.


– Effective brush shampoo for cars and car washes
– Removes grease, oil, pollution and insect residues
– The friction of the brushes protects the vehicle’s surface
– Reduces brush level to match degree of soiling
– Compatible with wax and prevents streaks on the treated surface
– Quickly separates oil/water in the oil separator
– The product has a fresh aroma

Application instructions

Wash with brushes, release and remove contaminants.
Place product in the system. Adjust the dose in the machine and start the cleaning programme.


Summer: 100 – 500 ml per car
Winter: 600 – 1000 ml per car

About 1 cl/metre bus/truck
About 0.5 cl/metre train


545025 – 25L
545200 – 200L
545700 – 1000L

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