Degreaser Bio

Ester-based degreasing

Degreaser Bio
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Fields of application

Degreaser Bio can be used for degreasing in industry/manufacturing, auto workshops etc. Degreases and cleans new and used cars, buses, forklifts, trucks, trains, boats, ships, machinery, engines, industrial floors, double bottom storage tanks, decks, bulkheads, Tectyl etc.


– 100% naphtha free.
– Odourless.
– pH neutral – not classified.
– Good environmental choice.

Application instructions

Apply Bio with low-pressure, sponge, or brush onto the surface to be degreased. Allow Degreaser Bio to work for a few minutes or adjust time according to the item to be degreased.
Do not use on warm surfaces or in direct sunlight. “Do not allow product to dry” Work into the surface as needed and then flush with water.


Ready to use


214025 – 25L

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