Banana Shield

Sealer for wet Cars

Banana Shield

Fields of application

Gloss enhancing agent. Used after the car has been washed and is still wet. The product increases the gloss and makes it easier to handle


• Ready to use
• Gloss enhancing effect
• Water repellenc

Application instructions

Wash the car carefully and rinse with water. When the car is still
wet, apply the product on the car. The product also works on rims,
plastic, rubber, glass etc. Normal consumption for one car
is approximately 0.5 dl. Directly rinse with water, preferably high
pressure. Wipe the car. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface,
rinse immediately after application. Do not apply to hot surfaces


Ready to use. The product should not be diluted


342002 – 0,5L
342005 – 5L
342025 – 25L
342200 – 200L

The product image should be seen as an illustration. Some deviation from reality may occur.