Environmentally adapted all-round cleaner

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Fields of application

Bio Cleaner can be used to clean / degrease grime and stubborn stains from most surfaces. Dissolves oil spillages etc. Can be used to clean proteins such as fish, chicken etc.
Can be used on concrete, asphalt, tiles, painted surfaces, artificial materials, rubber, textiles, metal etc. Also works as a stain remover on most types of surfaces.


– pH neutral.
– Bio Cleaner contains a special combination of micro-organisms, surfactants and enzymes.
– Good environmental choice.

Application instructions

Apply Bio Clean using a low-pressure sprayer, brush or sponge. Allow to work for 2 to 30 minutes depending on the item to be cleaned. Rinse with water, do not allow the product to dry out.
If necessary, work the object with a brush or sponge. Avoid direct sunlight when cleaning.
Highly effective and economical with low pH and evaporation


Ready to use.


990001 – 0,5L
990005 – 5L

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