Glue & Rubber Wipes 50-p Tub

For removing adhesive residues

Glue & Rubber Wipes 50-p Tub

Fields of application

Used to remove adhesive residues on hard colorfast surfaces such as e.g. floor, laminate, glass, metal, tile, etc.

Application instructions

Tear off a paper towel from the can (use the soft side for polished surfaces and the rough side for smooth surfaces) and moisten the adhesive residue with the napkin.
Leave to act for 1-5 min, then wipe away the dissolved adhesive residues with the same napkin. For larger, more difficult adhesive residues, let the product work longer. Always wipe with a damp cloth or glass cleaner.

ATTENTION! It is important to close the packaging properly as it prevents the product from drying out.

Use protective gloves and check that the material can withstand the product.
In case of ingestion, contact a doctor immediately and show this package.
Avoid contact with eyes.


384051 – STK

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