Degreaser Wet

Tar remover for dry and wet surfaces

Degreaser Wet
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Fields of application

Degreaser Wet is a very efficient petroleum-based tar remover for all types of vehicles.
It works equally well on both wet and dry surfaces. It dissolves oil, tar, asphalt, road salt and other dirt.


– Works on wet surfaces.
– Fast-working and highly effective.
– Be careful when using the product on delicate materials.
– Fragrant fragrance

Application instructions

Car Wash:
• If the car is very dirty with ”loose dirt”, you may want to flush it first, or you can apply it directly on the dry car.
• Always use Degreaser Wet from the bottom up. The need for degreasing is usually most pronounced on the lower part of the car.
• Let the product work for a while, but do not let it dry. (If it starts to dry, spray more before rinsing.)
• Always rinse from the bottom up.
• Rinse one panel at a time.
• Always wash the car with your hand after degreasing the car.

Engine Wash:
• Make sure the engine is cool
• Cover exposed electrical components, e.g. generator with plastic film or plastic bag
• Spray the entire engine with Degreaser Wet and leave to work
• Apply a brush if necessary.
• Then rinse the entire engine with water. If you use a high-pressure cleaner, keep a good distance from the nozzle (minimum 40 cm.)


Ready to use. Do not dilute.


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