Safe N’ Clean

Highly effective but mild alternative to strong hydrochloric products.

Safe N’ Clean
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Fields of application

Used to remove mortar and other dirt from newly constructed masonry and to wash away saltpetre from brick facades. Also works well to clean mortar off construction equipment, tools and cement mixers.


– Highly effective and fast-acting
– Low impact to environment and ideal for projects where traditional acid products are not permitted.
– Emits no fumes – free of hydrochloric acid
– Safe on most metal surfaces – indoors and outdoors
– 50 – 70% more effective than phosphoric acid and citric acid

Application instructions

Cover all surfaces that are not being cleaned – including glass Always test the product on 1 m2 prior to the main application to ensure correct usage, working time and end result. Pre-moisten the surface being treated with water.
Apply the product with a brush, roller or low-pressure spray gun. Allow the product to work for 3 – 5 minutes depending on the de- gree of soiling and outside temperature – apply another layer of the product and do not allow the product to dry.
Use a brush to ensure that stains and soils are dissolved.
Then wash off the surface thoroughly from the bottom up using a pressure washer. Adjust the pressure according to the facade/surfa- ce, but for best results, at least 50 – 90 bar is recommended.


The product should be dosed at 25 – 50% concentration in water. NB! Remember to pour water first and subsequently add the pro- duct to the water as it is an acid product.
Consumption approx. 0.2 – 0.5 litre/m2.


561010 – 10L
561025 – 25L
561200 – 200L

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