Interior Coating

Doodle protection for interior

Interior Coating

Fields of application

Interior Coating is a high performance singlecomponent coating that can be used on most plastic surfaces. It is a durable product with high resistance to peeling, flaking and chemical agents that extends the life of plastic surfaces.
Interior Coating meets DB AG (Deutsche Bahn AG) requirements for permanent graffiti protection, which makes it the natural choice to protect e.g. interior surfaces of trains, metros, trams and buses. Marker, spray and ink paint can be easily and simply removed repeatedly without affecting the surface.


• Permanent graffiti protection
• Protective coating with gloss, easy to apply
• Only 1 layer needs to be applied
• Long durability
• Not flammable

Application instructions

It is important that the underlying surface is completely clean and free of grease and impurities. In order to achieve flawless adhesion, a pre-treatment of the surfaces with our product Pre-Cleaner is required. Rinse abundantly with water after application with Pre-Cleaner. Interior Coating is preferably applied with a microfiber applicator. Apply a layer of about 5 μm (micrometer).
ATTENTION! It is very important to ensure that the material to be coated is not wet or damp. The object temperature must be at least +5 °C when the product is applied. The product is very sensitive to moisture and film formation can be affected by moisture and low temperatures. Application takes place according to separate product instructions. Coverage: 125-150 m2 / L.
Drying times: Dust dry: approx. 20 minutes (+20 C), Surface dry: approx. 2 hours (+20 C), Fully cured approx. 12 hours (+20 C)


Used concentrated. ATTENTION! The product must not be exposed to frost.


3871053 – 0,5L

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