Gel Hammer

Concrete remover in gel form

Gel Hammer

Fields of application

Ideal for removing residues from concrete and lime, as well as for removing flight rust and rust. It is also effective for cleaning and neutralizing oxidized surfaces on galvanized material. In the mining sector, it is used as a cleaner for vehicles. Its ability to deep-clean dirt-coated concrete floors, wall surfaces, and sheet facades makes it particularly useful in mining and paper production, without causing damage to aluminum, glass, rubber, painted surfaces, and similar materials.

Application instructions

The product is easily applied with a brush and should be left to act for between 15 and 90 minutes. Afterwards, the surface should be scrubbed with a brush followed by rinsing with a high-pressure washer. As long as the product is wet, it is in an active state and can be effectively used for up to 3 hours. One liter of the product covers an area of approximately 8 to 12 square meters. It is important that the temperature where the product is used exceeds +3°C for optimal results.
Gel Hammer has the ability to break down layers of concrete residue up to 6 mm thick.


061005 – 5L
061025 – 25L

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