Degreaser Veg

Vegetable tar remover

Degreaser Veg
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Fields of application

Vegetable tar remover for degreasing vehicles. Effectively dissolves oil, tar and asphalt, while being gentle to the surface. Particularly useful where tar remover is desired, but with minimal addition of the oil index.


• Petroleum free
• Odour-free.
• pH-neutral – Not subject to labelling.
• Good environmental alternative

Application instructions

For best result, use Degreaser Veg on dry surfaces. Apply with low-pressure from the bottom and upwards. Only spray the product on contaminated surfaces, normally at the bottom of the vehicle. Let the product work for a few minutes, but do not let it dry on the surface. (If it starts to dry, just spray more before rinsing.) Rinse with high pressure. Rinse one section at a time. Do not apply to hot surfaces.


Ready to use


215025 – 25L

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