Blue & Green
Code of Conduct

Blue & Green is a politically and religiously independent company and our Code of Conduct is based on our business concept and our visions, and covers the company as a whole, in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

At Blue & Green we believe in acting ethically and responsibly in every part of our business. Blue & Green Code of Conduct is our foundation when doing business and should be seen as an overall guideline for how Blue & Green’s work is to be conducted.

We support and work according to FN: s Principles in Global Compact, FN:s climate program and also the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. This code contains a summary of our company policies and procedures, and we think our values and principles define who we are, to both our customers and business partners.

This Code applies to every employee and is expected to be always put into practice by all employees, as part of our daily work. We support a culture that encourages every individual to speak freely.

We comply with all applicable legislations, wherever we do business, and we treat everyone in the market with fairness and integrity. This includes our customers, agents, distributors, competitors, suppliers and contractors.

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1. Safety and physical and mental wellbeing.
We are committed to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees where we always put safety first. All of us shall contribute to the safety and wellbeing by creating a safety culture, being alert and aware of the policies, standards and procedures and by reporting any incident and unsafe condition. We support a healthy balance between work and private life and strives for a workplace that feels almost like home.

2. Diversity
We respect our different personal diversities, talents, abilities, personalities, lifestyles, work experiences, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, ages, national origins and other characteristics. A diverse team makes the company strong.
We do not discriminate or treat employees or job applicants unfairly at any time.

3. Respect
We treat people with dignity, decency and respect both internal and external. All of us must work for a work environment where we have mutual trust and people are treated with dignity, decency and respect. No form of harassment, intimidation, oppression or exploitation is accepted.
We do not use or support any form of forced or child labor.

4. Privacy
We respect freedom of association and collective bargaining. Our employees have the right to choose whether to be represented by a trade union or not. We respect the privacy of our employees and the privacy of the personal information to which we have access. We collect, process and retain personal information only for legitimate purposes and in compliance with applicable laws. Those of us who have access to personal information are responsible for handling such information with great care and safety to prevent unauthorized access and use.

5. Product safety, quality and information
We ensure that our products are produces and developed with reference to global and national ethical and safety standards. We follow all applicable legislations and regulations for chemical products and provides both our customers and our employees, all necessary and legal information about our products.

6. Competition and trade compliance
We respect the intellectual property and confidential information of others and we compete fairly and ethically, and within the framework of applicable competition laws. We work according to applicable trade compliance laws and regulations. We comply with applicable laws and regulations that affect our business.

7. Corruption, gifts and entertainment
We do not tolerate improper behavior and corrupt payments, directly or indirectly to a customer, government office or any other third party, including facilitation payments, improper gifts, entertainment, gratuities, favors, donations or any other improper transfer of value. We engage only sales representatives and other third parties who share the same commitment and we always make sure that any gifts or hospitality, supports a clear business objective, is of reasonable value and appropriate according to the business relationship.

8. Partners
We only do business with partners who share our principles and our beliefs in this code and understands the importance of having an ethical and transparent relationship. Our partners could be anyone that we cooperate with, like our suppliers, agents, distributors, customers and contractors.

9. Money laundering
We do not accept, promote or support any form money laundering or financing illegal or illegitimate purposes. We comply with all laws that prohibit money laundering financing illegal or illegitimate purposes.

10. Human rights
We respect the fundamental human rights and support the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations’ Global Compact, and we expect our suppliers and business partners to share these principles. We ensure that materials used in our products come from socially responsible sources and we do not tolerate, contribute to, or promotes any activity that fuels conflicts or violates human rights.

11. Governments and authorities
When interacting with governments and authorities, we are honest and accurate and follow every applicable law.

12. Environmental sustainability
We will prevent and reduce our negative environmental impact, as far as possible, and continuously implement improvements in our product range and our products through our environmental management system. It is mainly through our products that we contribute with positive environmental aspects, but our sustainability work also includes most other areas.

13. Political and religious activity
We do not take part in political activities nor make corporate donations to political parties or candidates and Blue & Green: s name must not be associated with any political or religious organization.


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