Trouble Solver

Ink and stain remover

Trouble Solver
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Fields of application

Trouble Solver is used to remove paint, ink, spray painting, friction marks, tire marks, glue residue, tar etc.
Trouble Solver can be used on all hard and soft color-resistant surfaces, such as floors, glass, metals, etc.
Can also be used in printing business.
Trouble Solver should not be used on polykarbonat/Lexan/Makrolon, ABS plastic, silk and leather.


• Aromatic free
• pH neutral
• Almost odorless

Application instructions

Trouble Solver is applied with a cloth, mop or a lowpressure
equipment. Allow Trouble Solver to work from 10 seconds to 30
minutes, depending on the nature of the substance, and the surface.
If necessary, process the surface with a brush or sponge.
Dry wipe and always rinse with clean water.
If there is any doubt as to whether the surface can withstand
the product, you should do a test in a less visible place.


Use concentrated


681005 – 5L
681025 – 25L

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