Silane DC 6683

Waterbased sealing agent

Silane DC 6683

Fields of application

DC 6683 is waterbased silane/siloxane solution that is used for the sealing of mineral facade surfaces and concrete.


– Effective protection against water damage – Permeable – UV resistant – Extends cleaning interval – Estimated lifetime of approx. 10 years

Application instructions

Start by cleaning the surface thoroughly to remove dirt and then allow the surface to dry.
Make sure to cover windows and other surfaces that are not being treated. Shake the product well before use!
Apply the sealer using an airless or low-pressure sprayer or roll it on with a roller in a first layer, going slowly from the top down, and then apply a second layer wet-on-wet to maximise the effect of the product.
The treated surface must have a minimum temperature of approx. 5°C. After approx. 7 days, the anti-graffiti coating can be applied.

Before you begin – Always evaluate the product on each surface to be treated, for suitability and results before overall application. It is important to include previous repairs and repairs in the test area. Different materials / surface compositions can result in absorption and / or appearance differences. Also test the application speed, pattern and technology needed to obtain a smooth surface.


The product is used in concentrated form.
Highly absorbent surfaces: 1 – 3 m2 per litre
Less absorbent surfaces: 4 – 5 m2 per litre


302025 – 25L

The product image should be seen as an illustration. Some deviation from reality may occur.