SC Perma

Permanent graffiti protection 1K

SC Perma

Fields of application

SC Perma is a 1K permanent graffiti protection product that can be used on concrete, brick, wood and metal.


– UV resistant and heat resistant
– Open diffusion/breathability
– Low VOC content
– Excellent elastic properties, even at low temperatures
– High water repellent effect
– The product can be applied again on already treated surfaces
– Can be coloured in various shades
– Time-saving and economical to use.
– Clean graffiti with clean water and approx. 100 bar pressure
– No problems with stubborn “graffiti shadows”

Application instructions

First clean the substrate/underlay carefully for dirt, algae, traffic grime,
wax and any colour residue from old graffiti. Allow surface to dry completely.
Shake or stir product well before use! Apply product with a paint sprayer,
low pressure sprayer or roller with a short pile cover in a single layer.
If the product runs, even out with a paintbrush. The treated surface should
have a minimum temperature of approx. 5 °C. Drying time depends on
temperature and layer thickness but is fully cured after approx. 24 hours.
NB! After application, the application to ols should be cleaned with Perma
Cleaner to prevent the product hardening! Open packages should be used
as a film can form after contact with air. NB! The surface may appear a
little darker and shinier after treatment always test a small area to check
if the result matches aesthetic expectations.


The product is most often used in concentrated form but can be thinned out if needed.
Absorbent surface: 2 4 m2 per litre
Less absorbent surface: 5 8 m2 per litre


410009 – 10L

The product image should be seen as an illustration. Some deviation from reality may occur.