Mr Perfect

Stain remover

Mr Perfect
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Fields of application

The product is used to remove marker, stearin, spray paint, glue residue, rubber marks, oil, grease, soot, nail polish, chewing gum grass, etc.
Can be used on all hard & soft color-fast and material-resistant surfaces such as e.g. floors, facades, tiles, metals, textiles, etc.


• Low odor
• Aromatic free

Application instructions

Leave the product on for 1-30 seconds. Draw away or rinse away undissolved residual product. Always finish by rinsing with clean water. For tough stains, let the product work for 1-10 min, process the stain with a brush and finish with water.
ATTENTION! Avoid Mr. Perfect on macrolon, ABS plastic, silk, suede and leather. Unsure if the surface is colorfast or material permanent, try first on a less visible place.


Ready to use, do not dilute


224003 – 1L

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