Korrotech De-rust LF

Limescale and Rust remover

Korrotech De-rust LF

Fields of application

Low-foaming acidic cleaning agent. The product is specially designed to remove limescale and rust formation as well as pro-tein deposits from machinery and equipment after processing fish and shellfish, milking machines, pipelines, storage and transport tanks, water heaters, heat exchangers, etc. Also excellent for rust washing on ships etc.


– Highly effective and economical.
– The product contains corrosion protection.

Application instructions

Apply to the surface and allow to work for some minutes, best to apply using low-pressure or similar. Optimal effects achieved using warm water for rinsing.


Dilute with water. Normal concentration is 0.5-2.0% solution. Temperature should not exceed 85°C. When cleaning water heaters etc. Dilute in water 1:6 – 1:20.


995018005 – 5L
995018025 – 25L

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