Floor Cleaner

Alkaline cleaner for heavy cleaning

Floor Cleaner
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Fields of application

Concentrated alkaline heavy cleaner for industrial floor surfaces.
For use in scrubbers, combi scrubbers and manual processing.
Removes greasy ingrained dirt on walls and floors in car washes, industrial floors, garages and warehouses.


• Removes heavy soiling from e.g. oil and grease.
• Low foam
• Very effective in removing soot.
• Can be used for manual and high-pressure cleaning as well as in scrubbing and combi machines.
• Highly concentrated – economical to use.

Application instructions

Use according to the machine manufacturer’s instructions.
For manual cleaning: Apply with a low-pressure sprayer, brush or similar.
Let the agent work for a few minutes and, if necessary, process the surface with a brush. Finish with a thorough rinse with low water pressure.
Be careful on repainted and sensitive materials. Test wash is recommended.


Dilute with water in a ratio of 1:5-1:20 (5-20%).


018025 – 25L
018200 – 200L

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