Eco Brush Foam

Foam shampoo for car wash

Eco Brush Foam

Fields of application

Eco Brush Foam is designed for use in car washes.
Gives a rich foam on the car in automatic and self-service systems.
Foam via brush or foam curtain.


• Efficient and highly concentrated.
• Foam-intensive shampoo for car washing
• Creates a voluminous, glossy and attractive foam
• Perfect for effective foam curtain in automatic carwashes
• Eco Labeled

Application instructions

Apply with foam injector / low pressure sprayer or according to the system / machine instructions.
Let the product work for a few minutes. If necessary, treat the surface with a brush.
High pressure wash and finish with rinse with low water pressure. Overdose can affect drying results
negative. Never apply on hot surfaces and prevent drying. Store frost-free.


Foam curtain 0.5-1%
Foam cleaning 0.5-3%


483005 – 5L
483025 – 25L

The product image should be seen as an illustration. Some deviation from reality may occur.