Car Schampo High Foam

High-foaming shampoo with a fresh scent

Car Schampo High Foam
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Fields of application

Specially developed vehicle schampo to remove traffic film
and other contaminants on cars, boats, caravans and motorcycles. The product does not affect wax treatment or other paint protection


• Highly concentrated for economical use.
• Thick liquid
• High foaming schampo, with a long lasting foam.
• Effectively removes contaminants, road dust and other dirt.
• Leaves a clean and glossy surface
• Fresh scent of apple

Application instructions

Pour schampo into a bucket and fill with clean water.
Use a sponge to apply the product to the surface.
Rinse with clean water


Use about 80 ml of shampoo for 10 liters of pure water.
Adjust the concentration after the surface to be cleaned


450005 – 5L
450025 – 25L

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