ISO 9001iso_9001

ISO 9000 is today the most common standard for quality. ISO 9001 deals with development, production, installation and service.

A recurring theme of ISO 9000 is the concept of traceability, i.e. that the company can at any time review the various operations involved in the production of any product and are always capable of analysing the situation.

ISO 9001 is the most comprehensive in the ISO 9000 series


ISO 14001iso_14

ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental management. The standard is the most dominant environmental management standard in the world. An environmental management system based on ISO 14001 is based on the company, its processes and activities and it allocates responsibility and competence here and describes the environmental tasks of everyday life.


Collection of newspapers and packaging

All companies that produce, import or sell packaged goods are subject to a number of obligations.

The company must:

– ensure that there is a recycling system, whereby customers and other end-users can return used packaging, – ensure that the customers receive the information they need about the collection of packaging, – ensure that the collected packaging is recycled as either new raw materials or energy.

To make it easier for all companies that are affected by this law, Sweden’s commercial and industrial sectors have entered into a cooperation to establish a common system for the collection and recycling of packaging.



TransQ is a supplier database and a qualification system used by purchasers in the Nordic transport sector to manage supplier information and select suppliers when buying goods, service providers and manpower.

The aim is to create a venue where one can gather and share information about pre-qualification of suppliers, thus saving time, resources and administrative work.