Super A-fri

Waterbase cleaning agent

Super A-fri

Fields of application

Used as a combined cleaning agent with protection against algae on most surfaces such as roofs, facades, fences, walls, awnings, wooden trolleys etc.


• Safe to use on most outdoor building materials
• Slight odor

Application instructions

Cover nearby sensitive plants. Avoid using the product < 0C, or if rain is expected on the surface within the next 24 hours. Apply plenty of product with a low pressure sprayer on a dry surface. On weather-exposed surfaces such as roofs, precipitation washes away the residues over time without the surface having to be processed afterwards. Algae are normally gone within a year and lichen after about two years. On painted vertical surfaces, such as facades, it is required in most cases that the surface is washed in order for the residues to disappear completely. Let the product work for at least 24 hours if the surfaces are to be washed. In case of extreme contamination and where you want to speed up the cleaning process, rinsing with high-pressure washing with warm water is recommended first - let the surface dry before applying the product. On non-absorbent materials, the product should not dry out. Rinse immediately with water on this surfaces. Dosage

The product can be diluted with water up to 1+14 parts. Consumption approx. 0.2-0.5 l / m2.


555005 – 5L
555025 – 25L

The product image should be seen as an illustration. Some deviation from reality may occur.