Polermaskin ShineMate DA Sladdlös EB351-5_15

Oscillating battery-powered polishing machine

Polermaskin ShineMate DA Sladdlös EB351-5_15

Fields of application

The machine is well-balanced, lightweight, quiet, and has a low vibration level.
Uses a high-performance 18V Li-ion battery pack.
Equipped with a brushless direct current motor (BLDC) with integrated motor management for high polishing performance.

Application instructions

Maximum polishing disc diameter is 150 mm.
Has a stroke of 15 mm.
Speed range: 2000 – 5000 revolutions per minute.
Power: 18V DC.
Weight: 2.1 kg.
Thread: M8.
Vibration level: 3.761 m/s².
Noise level: 78.5 dB.


T 492105 – STK

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