Paint Remover Red

Paint stripper in gel form for mineral surfaces

Paint Remover Red
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Fields of application

Used to remove old paint from most surfaces such as mortar, plaster, brick, concrete, tile, wood and metal. Solves both plastic paints and oil paints.


– Highly effective on multi-layered old paint
– Subtle scent
– Gel that prevents rapid drying out
– Easy to wash off
– Economical

Application instructions

Always stir the product thoroughly before use.
Always test function on a small test surface (10 x 10 cm) first.
Apply the product in a thick layer with a brush, roller or paint sprayer. The layer on the product must be thicker than the paint layer to be removed. Let the product work in 30 minutes – 24 hours depending on the type and thickness of the paint and the outside temperature.
Do not allow the product to dry!
The product can be covered with construction plastic to give increased duration and effect. Check that the paint is completely dissolved by doing a scratch test and make sure that you can easily scrape down to the surface before removal can begin.
Dissolved paint is removed with a scraper, brush or hot water high pressure washer.
When washing start from below and work upwards – finish by rinsing the cleaned surface thoroughly with clean water from top to bottom. Repeat the treatment if necessary.


0.5 – 1.0 litre/m2.


328015 – 15L

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