Ironman Neutral

Combination product for rims and paintwork against brake dust and metal particles

Ironman Neutral
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Fields of application

Designed for use on rims with a lot of brake dust and externally on vehicles where particulate matter/airborne rust and dirt can become affixed.
Gives an attractive shine and protects rims against corrosion. Smooth light-alloy rims after a winter season are also unproblematic. Even vehicle paintwork will not become dull or damaged.


– Acid-free.
– Gives a great shine.
– pH neutral.

Application instructions

Apply to surface to be cleaned. Allow to work for some minutes, work in with a rim brush or sponge/microfibre cloth. Then rinse off with water.


Use as is or dilute with water according to need and wishes.


464002 – 0,5L
J10023-0005 – 5L
J10023-0025 – 25L
J10023-0200 – 200L

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